2017 Events

Portsmouth Bookfest. Not All Cocktails and Country Houses.

13th February. Portsmouth Central Library.

Giving a talk about the return of the Golden Age of Detective Fiction.


Portsmouth Bookfest. Nemesis With Knitting Needles.

18th February. The Deadly Dames Panel Event with guest L.C. Tyler.

Participating Moderator of a panel discussing female detectives past and present.


Lovedean Writers Group. Crime Writing Workshop.

24th March

Leading Crime Writing Workshop.


Book Launch. Blackwells Bookshop, Portsmouth

25th March.

Book Launch for The Fragility of Poppies.

Bristol Crimefest

18th-21st May.

Attending Crimefest Crime Writers Conference.

Winchester Writers' Festival. Pentangle Press Talk.

17th June. 11.40am-12.40pm.

Pentangle Press talking about their experience of self-publishing and giving advice and help.

Captivating Criminality. 'A Thoroughly Bourgeois Attitude to Murder.'

29th June-1st July.

Giving a paper at Captivating Criminality, Bath Spa University's International Crime Writing Conference.

Title: 'A Thoroughly Bourgeois Attitude to Murder.' The Golden Age of Detective Fiction: Murder and the Moral Imperative

crime author Carol Westron booklaunch

2016 Events

Captivating Criminality - Bath Spa University

23-25 June

Giving a paper on 'Dusting the Lawn for Fingerprints'

The Golden Age and the CSI effect


Meet the Author - Selsey

16 August

Meet the Author

An opportunity for the public to meet authors and buy their books.


Crime & Mystery Conference - St Hilda's, Oxford

19-21 August

Giving a paper on 'No Servants Need Apply'

The rule makers and rule makers of the Golden Age of Crime


Indie Publishing with Pentangle Press at Portsmouth Bookfest.

Saturday 27th February 2016 11am Third Floor, Portsmouth Central Library, Portsmouth.

For further information see the Bookfest website.

Carol Westron, Christine Hammacott and Wendy Metcalfe are Pentangle Press, a local, self-publishing co-operative. Three years ago they decided to combine their skills, in the belief that this would bring more success than publishing individually. In this talk they will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of being an Indie author and the doors that have opened for them by having their books out in the world. They will explain why they made certain publishing decisions regarding printing and promoting, paperback or e-book. They will also talk about the separate processes that the author has to go through after the book is written in order to prepare it for publication. These include copy editing, line editing, branding, lay-out, cover design, the back blurb and pricing the book. There are then the fresh challenges of promotion: website, Facebook, Twitter, blogging, book signings, panels and other public appearances; every author has different strengths but it is useful to know the options. There will be opportunities for audience questions and discussion.


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